Spelling Bee
Hesperian Lodge #264
Masonic Family Center

2019 Spelling Bee
Hello Educators,

As we are looking forward to this year’s 2019 Masonic Sponsored Annual Public Schools Spelling Bee.

Grade Level and Dates:

4th Grade:
(Spellers check in for orientation by 6:30 PM)

5th Grade:
(Spellers check in for orientation by 6:30 PM)

6th Grade:
(Spellers check in for orientation by 6:30 PM)

You and previous educators are to be commended for having supported and participated in the Masonic Sponsored Annual Public Schools Spelling Bees over the past 38 years and have been key to keeping one of the few programs that celebrates academic achievement in our community alive in our community. We certainly want you to know your support and efforts are greatly appreciated ~ and we Thank You.
This will be our fifth year utilizing our website for all information and forms needed to get your participant registered and informed. The website address is: masonicfamilycenter.com/bee. Hopefully, through this medium, the whole process has become much easier and less time-consuming. You are able to find everything on the site under the Icon “Spelling Bee”. Should you encounter any difficulties in signing up your student or have a better way of doing this, please contact us at the points below.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know what your suggestions are. Together we can make this system achieve its total expectations. The email address for the Lodge is listed above and below for your convenience in sharing your inputs and comments.
On our website (masonicfamilycenter.com/bee) you will find all the forms needed for this year’s Bee. They are:

1. Teacher’s letter - This letter is our communications to you and outlines the location, dates and times for this year’s Spelling Bees.

2. Registration form - This form is for your use in notifying the Masonic Lodge of your class participant. It also gives us your contact information should it be necessary. This form can be completed and submitted online.

3. Participant’s letter - This letter can be printed and given to your selected participant to take home and share the information with their families. Our email address is:
SpellingBee@masonicfamilycenter.com. Please remember we need your hands-on experience. We would rather get multiple inputs on an issue than none at all and let it continue to be an issue.

4. Contact info - Contact info for this year’s Spelling Bee is listed below.
We look forward to receiving your student nominee information for this year’s Spelling Bee. The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is MONDAY, APRIL 8TH. You are cordially invited to join us at the Lodge to support your student and enjoy refreshments after the Bee. Hope to see you there!


Rick Silva, Spelling Bee Chairman, Hesperian Masonic Lodge #264
Office phone # (805) 937-0655; eMail -

Best of Luck all! Let’s have a Great Spelling Bee!